Welcome to our secret headquarters for ALL your costume and accessories themed on the movie, Despicable Me. Just like in the movie, we have located our base deep underground, where the minions can work tirelessly creating a Vector costume, Gru costume, and a minion Jorge costume just for you, as well as many accessories to stop your Halloween celebrations falling foul of the biggest heist of the century. There is no password; all you need to buy from us is a desire to have a lot of fun, and get everyone dressed up in their Despicable Me costumes, ready for the big night costume party or trick or treat heist. Come on; let the super villain in you out… Check out this unique adult Vector costume to pull off your latest evil plan.

When the leaves start falling from the trees, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind, and that is HALLOWEEN. This year, instead of going out trick or treating or to a costume party dressed as a soppy ghost, why not don a Vector costume, the super villain everyone loves to boo and hiss at.

And if you are a buying for your husband or partner, how about getting him a Despicable Me – Vector 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask?

Now this mask has three main advantages. First, it looks fantastic paired with a Vector costume. Second, it is washable and easily cleaned. And third; well it hides his face for a night…

Halloween should be a night of fun, laughter and adventure, especially during trick or treat, and dressing up in a costume has got to be the highlight of the day.

You can be as silly as you want to be, and one of the funniest movies of this year has got to be Despicable Me. On that note, why not buy a Vector mask for you’re your own super villain of the house, so he can plan a heist of all the neighborhood candy. But don’t forget a traditional candy pail, and buy an 8″ Pumpkin Treat Bucket for the super villain to stash his haul in.

On Halloween, all the ghosts and ghouls cross over from the land of the dead to the land of the living. Don’t let them stand in the way of trick or treating, or Despicable Me themed costume party your kids may be attending.

Mom, dress the kids in a super villain Vector costume, which you can buy from our underground headquarters website, so the kids can steal the ghosts and ghouls and hide them away.

And for trick or treating, the kids will definitely need a flashlight. Buy a Pumpkin flashlight which is new for 2010, so get one

(or two) now, and be the first in the neighborhood to own one of these unique flashlights.

Okay mom, superhero (not super villain) to the kids in the house, now you have bought a Vector costume for one of them from our website, they will need something to put the candy in during the heist of the century on Halloween night.

The kids will need a candy pail to pile in their “ill gotten gains”; but safety is paramount. If you want them to be seen and be safe when out trick or treating, buy a Pumpkin Light-Up Trick or Treat Safety Pouch. On the side is a Jack O’ Lantern print, and as if by magic, pressing the button inside the pouch illuminates the bag and the night.

Halloween is a great time for dressing up and applying many disguises. Some kids will want to wear a Vector costume, super villain from the film Despicable Me, or maybe dress as a minion, but the one thing all kids love doing is painting or making up their faces. We have just the thing to make up the kids faces to look like Vector, the evil super villain, who stole the moon and shrunk it to put it in his pocket.

With a selection of Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix, choose from a color selection of Ghost Grey and Crypt Green (to name but two) for kids to put on a Despicable face for a scary Halloween trick or treat.

Your son is all dressed up ready for trick or treat night in his Vector costume, super villain in the movie Despicable Me, but he has no candy pail. Phew, wake up mom, it’s only a bad dream you are having. Any self respecting super villain understands that even the most fiendish master plan for taking the neighborhood candy is nothing without a stash place. From our secret hideout website, deep underground, we have for you now a superb Bats Collapsible Bucket to use as a candy pail, decorated with bats against a full moon. And if the Moon goes missing mom, you might just know where to look for it.

Dressed in his finest Vector costume, looking every inch the super villain who stole the Moon in the movie Despicable Me, he is ready to carry out his own heist of the century – a daring raid on the neighborhood candy reserves. Forget Fort Knox; that is chicken feed to your son, Vector the super Villain. And what better place to store the candy than this super Sickly Pumpkin Collapsible Bucket. And any tricksters out there beware, refusal to give candy may result in super villain Vector shrinking you, and placing you in the pail. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Even super villains like Vector need to keep themselves safe; and if your little boy is wearing his very own Vector costume on Halloween just like the evil super villain, then you will want him to be safe mom. He may have the moonlight to light his way, but when he steals the moon, what then? Make sure he can be seen by wearing this flashing Halloween Pumpkin safety light-up slap bracelet. Just fiendishly press the button and the LED lights flash and appear to move back and forth, making your little super villain noticeable. Remember, let them be seen, be bright, and wear something light.

Dressing up for Halloween in his Vector costume, you know mom, the super villain in the movie Despicable Me, organizing his daring plan to shrink all the candy in the neighborhood is daring in its audacity, but the last thing HE will be thinking of is being seen in the dark.

This little detail in the master plan is left to his most trusted henchwoma. Make him be seen and safe with a Green Halloween Safety Light-Up Necklace. It flashes red and green, and with the flying bat motifs, is a real Halloween night accessory that he should not be without; except for the Vector costume and the heist of the century master plan.

Master and super criminals have long been the staple diets in works of crime fiction, from the very early day’s villains such as Moriaty, arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes, to more modern villains such as Dr Evil in the Austin Powers movie franchise, to Gru and Vector, two camp and very over the top super villains.

In real life, the only super villains are the governments that take our tax dollars and squander them on, well everything. At least the fictional super villains don’t attempt to hide their intentions.


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